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Musical, visual and kinetic performance

Creation 2020

Photo : Benoît Gaudin - Service Culturel Université Rennes 2



Nola's key is an intermedia project, both visual and musical, created in 2005 by Nicolas Bazoge.

It initially took the form of an animated website gathering original studio compositions, remixes and graphic works.

It gradually evolved into performances combining live music, lighting concept and video/scenographic work.

The heart of the project lies in a personal relationship between the performing arts and technologies in order to encourage the emergence of singular forms capable of arousing in the spectator a deep, attentive and contemplative listening of the music.

Noticed in 2006 by the rock band Placebo which used the mashup Vivre son histoire for the opening sequence of their concerts on the Meds tour, Nola's key continued its journey through its own musical landscapes, in a desire to combine the accessibility of pop, the independent spirit of rock and the infinite creative perspectives of electronics and digital.

Beyond the intrinsic possibilities of new technologies, the challenge for Nicolas lies in the encounter (physical or mental) with the spectator or listener in the heart of an extra-ordinary universe, proper to introspection and self-questioning.

It is with a total freedom, independently of the confining notions of musical genres artistic disciplines, that

Nola's key draws its substance.

An enigmatic, dark and cinematographic universe, that only Nola has the key to.


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