Vis Insita

Musical, visual and kinetic performance

2019-2020 creation

Next presentation : 03/20/2020 - Méliscènes festival - Auray (France - 56) - + infos

Photo : Benoît Gaudin - Service Culturel Université Rennes 2



Nola's key is an intermedia project, both visual and musical, created in 2005 by Nicolas Bazoge.

It initially took the form of an animated website to bring together original studio compositions, remixes and graphic works. It gradually evolved into performances combining live music, lighting concept and video/scenographic work.

The core of the project is located in a personal relationship between the living arts and technologies in order to encourage the emergence of scenic forms capable of arousing in the spectator a contemplative and meditative listening to music.

Noticed in 2006 by the rock band Placebo which used one of his remixes for the opening sequence of their concerts on the Meds tour, NK continues on its way with the challenge of combining pop format, indie rock spirit and digital experiments.

It is from this crossroads that Nola's key draws its substance.

An enigmatic, dark and cinematographic universe, that only Nola has the key to.


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