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Max patches made for my personal projects
and made available to anyone interested

For any questions/suggestions/requests, you can contact Nicolas at nicolasbazoge.1[at]

Interface de µZYX
Calibration, processing and MIDI/OSC routing of kinetic data from motion capture systems.

Recovers data from motion capture systems (X, Y, Z position, 3D, speed, linear/angular acceleration), calibrates and organizes them, and streams them as MIDI or OSC signals to third-party applications.
Vue FCB.png
Mapping of the Fighter Twister MIDI controller into ETC's Eos lighting software.

Allows control of Eos fader pages, master fader, FCB parameters, intensity wheel, macros and snapshots with the Fighter Twister MIDI controller.
Bi-directional communication between controller and Eos, with visual feedback.
Interface de CobalTouch-MFT
Mapping of the X-Touch Mini MIDI controller and the Fighter Twister into ETC's Cobalt lighting software.

Same as CobalTouch with the added control of FCB attributes, wheel, 7 independents, rate, and master crossfader emulation, plus some other specific controls (All, Clear channel, At 0%, etc...)
Interface de CobalTouch
Mapping of Behringer's X-Touch Mini MIDI controller into ETC's Cobalt lighting software.

Controls 16 faders (with flash and select buttons), Grand Master and sequence transport buttons in Cobalt lighting software.

These patches are an humble contribution to the sharing of free online tools.
I would like to thank the people who, for many years and without knowing it, have helped me so much and have allowed my creations to progress in a giant leap thanks to their remarkable tools made available for free to all:

- Jamie O'Connell - MIDI-OX

- Mark van den Berg/Mountain Utilities - MIDI Tools et BCManager

- "Rejibyte" - TD Drum Studio

- Kieran Foster - Glitch (now paying)

- Sam "Stray" Hurley - ClyphX (now paying)

- Christoph Guillermet - Whitecat

- Benjamin Kuperberg - Chataigne

- Tobias Erichsen - LoopMIDI

- And many others that I am certainly forgetting and that I will add here!

© 2024 Nicolas Bazoge

All rights reserved
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