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CobalTouch is a pre-mapping interface that allows you to

quickly control the faders and main sequence of the Cobalt lighting software using the X-Touch Mini controller.



1. CobalTouch-MFT

2. Why these two controllers?


1. Configuring the Midi Fighter Twister

2. Use CobalTouch-MFT

2.1. Download and launch

2.2. Interface Overview

2.3. General

2.4. Network setup

2.5. MFT commands


1. Versions

2. Contact

Interface graphique de CobalTouch-MFT


Berhinger X-Touch Mini

Fighter Twister - DJ Tech Tools


1 - CobalTouch-MFT

CobalTouch-MFT has the same settings as the CobalTouch application, with additional commands for the Midi Fighter Twister (MFT) controller.

This page only documents these additions.
For the documentation of the "X-Touch Mini" part, please go to this page.

CobalTouch-MFT is an interface initially conceived for my personal use and that I make available here.
It is intended for stage managers and lighting technicians working with ETC's Cobalt software and wishing to have control surfaces for faders, machine attributes, independents and sequence transport keys.
It offers a pre-assignment of the X-Touch Mini and Midi Fighter Twister buttons optimized for Cobalt and its visualization via a graphic interface. It was developed under Max and runs under Windows.

The application communicates in MIDI with the two controllers, and sends information in both OSC and MIDI to Cobalt. The application is not bidirectional, it does not receive any information from Cobalt.


Additional features offered by the addition of the MFT:

  • Control of the main attributes of the automatic projectors (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Hue, Saturation, Iris), with coarse and fine adjustment for each attribute.

  • Control of 4 independent knobs and 3 independent switches.

  • Main wheel.

  • Crossfader emulation with transfer speed control.

Once the application is opened, it works in the background. 


3 - Why these controllers ?


For a quick description of the Fighter Twister and the reasons for this choice, you can go here.

For the choice of the X-Touch Mini, it is here.



1 - Setting up the MFT


First of all, the controller must be configured internally using the Midi Fighter Utility, the dedicated editor provided by DJ Tech Tools:



You will need the configuration file specific to the use with CobalTouch-MFT "Config_MFT_CobalTouch-MFT.mfs" (Google Drive link):





Once you have downloaded these files and installed Midi Fighter Utility on your computer, connect the Fighter Twister to your computer via USB without using a hub.
You can use a hub later on to use it, but it is not recommended to use a hub to configure it.

- Open Midi Fighter Utility.
- Go to File/Import at the top left and select the configuration file "Config_MFT_CobalTouch-MFT.mfs".
--> The Bank 2 view on the right should look like the one in the picture below.
- Click on the blue "SEND TO MIDIFIGHTER" button at the bottom of the editor to transfer the configuration to the controller.






















The bank used with CobalTouch-MFT is bank 2. The other banks are not used in the application.

To navigate between the MFT banks, use the middle buttons on either side of the controller.

Why this controller ?
Setting up the X-Touch
Capturemft utility coubaltouch-mft.JPG

X-Touch Editor interface

Downloading and launching

2 - Using CobalTouch-MFT

2.1 - Downloading and launching

You can download CobalTouch via the Google Drive link below :



Once the file is unzipped, open the main directory. Inside is a directory named "resources" and the files "CobalTouch-MFT_1.0.exe" and "CobalTouch-MFT_1.0.mxf".
These files must always stay together in the same directory and the "resources" directory must not be deleted, modified or renamed, otherwise the application will not work.
The whole thing is a bit heavy for such a "small" application (about 350Mb), but that's because it runs through Max Runtime which is a "player" version of Max, part of the compilation.

CobalTouch does not install, it is an executable, you just have to click on the file "CobalTouch-MFT_1.0.exe" to launch it.


2.2 - Overview of the interface

Overview of the interface

As a reminder, the interface of the "X-Touch Mini" side:


[1]- Network configuration

[2] - Control of faders 1 to 8

[3] - Control of faders 11 to 18

[4] - Reset all faders of the current page

[5] - Transport keys of the main sequence

[6] - Grand Master


And the interface of the "Fighter Twister" side:


[7] - Rotation : WHEEL

        Push : ALL

[8] - Push : AT 0%

[9] - Rotation : Speed control

        Push : CLEAR CHANNEL

[10] - Crossfader

[11] - Rotation : Independents 1 to 4

          Push : Independents 7 to 9

[12] - Control of the attributes

General information

2.3 - General information

Except for the network settings (see below) there is nothing to configure in CobalTouch-MFT, everything is pre-mapped.

Network configuration

2.4 - Network configuration

This configuration is common to both the X-Touch and the MFT.

The IP address to fill in is the one of the network card of the system on which Cobalt is running.
The localhost address "" must work. It is therefore configured by default.

The OSC transmission port must correspond to the one of Cobalt in General Settings/Setup/MIDI Show Control panel in Coblat. The default port is 8000.

2.5 - Presets


Since CobalTouch also sends MIDI data to Cobalt, you will need to set up a virtual MIDI port on your computer, and enter it in both CobalTouch-MFT and Cobalt (in General Settings/Setup/MIDI/Setup MIDI).

To create a virtual MIDI port on your computer, you can download and install Tobias Erichsen's excellent loopMIDI, which is simple, lightweight, stable and free.

Capture reseau Cobalt.JPG
Capture MIDI Cobalt.JPG
MFT commands

2.5 - MFT commands


- Rotation : WHEEL

- Push : ALL


- Rotation : No action

- Push : AT 0%


- Rotation : Speed control


NB: in order to avoid any false manipulation or forgetfulness, the rotary switch automatically returns to the central position (i.e. normal transfer speed) after 5s of inactivity.


- Rotation : Manual crossfader

- Push : No action

The transfer between register A and register B is carried out by operating the rotary from 0 to 100%.
Once the transfer has been executed, the rotary switch automatically returns to position "0", ready for the next manual transfer.


- Rotation : Independents 1 to 4

- Push : Independents 7 to 9


- Rotation : Coarse adjustment of the attribute
- Push+Rotation : Fine tuning of the attribute




1. Versions

This application is no longer updated..


CobalTouch-MFT 1.0 (current) - 06/05/2021

2. Contact


For all questions/suggestions/requests, please use the Facebook group @etccobalt (private group) to share with as many people as possible, specifying the hashtag #cobaltouch.

Otherwise feel free to contact me at nicolasbazoge.1[at]

© 2024 Nicolas Bazoge

All rights reserved
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