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Multi-instrumental live-sampling performance

Video mapping and lighting in interaction with music

A slow and silent transformation of human nature

I grew up in a rural area. As an introverted and lonely child, I spent hours observing and trying to understand the complexity of nature - both surrounding and human - and the slow transformation of the things around me. It was at that time, when my older sisters had just offered me a small multi-track Yamaha synthesizer, that music gradually appeared to me as a possible way to communicate my observations and emotions to others.

I have always kept in my heart the freedom of this peasant childhood to be able to experiment, discover by myself and move forward according to my instincts and aspirations. When the personal computer became more democratic in the early 2000s, I saw it as the tool that would contribute to my desire for autonomy and independence.

I have always been convinced that IT tools will open up new avenues of wonder and gradually change our relationship with others and the world. In my case, they allowed me to compose in an almost limitless freedom and creativity.

But when it comes to sharing these creations, how can we transcribe alone these infinite possibilities, especially on stage, to meet the spectators?

It is with this question in mind that was born ../MUTE, a multi-instrumental stage performance based on the principle of live-sampling.

On the form.../MUTE offers a personal and unique way to play music live thanks to digital technologies.

In essence, this performance is an invitation to self-questioning, to surpassing oneself and to imagination.


- Light: Thibault d'Aubert

- Video mapping/Scenography: Vivien Simon

- Setting manufacturing: Éric Raoul

- Advice on singing: Fabrine Loret

Created with the support of the CDDB - Centre Dramatique National de Bretagne à Lorient, and the Direction Générale de la Culture de la Ville de Lorient.


- April 2014 - Studio du Grand Théâtre de Lorient, France

- Februar 2016 - La Balise, Fabrique Artistique et Culturel, Lorient, France

The device

- Nicolas is alone on stage for the duration of the set
- A system of interconnected pedals and pads allows real-time sampling of all instruments
- It also allows the playback and stopping of the created samples
- Light and video interact with music, allowing synchronized visual effects

- All the sound material is played live during the set. No samples are pre-recorded

- The samples are modelled live using electronic effects (distortion, delay, reverb, vocoder etc.)
- The liveset is structured according to the contribution of each new instrument and the effects applied

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