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Nola's key - Un par un

Un par un


Choreographic and musical performance for a single spectator

Choreographic and musical performance for a single spectator

Un par un (One by one) is a performance for a single spectator created in collaboration with the contemporary dance company Le Pôle in April 2011 as part of the Danse Côté Jardin festival at the Grand Théâtre de Lorient (France).

Hall of the Grand Theatre. The participant waits his turn patiently seated in front of the doors of an elevator. When the doors open, he is taken in hand by a dancer who then blindfolds him. The lift starts but the participant does not know if he is going up or down. When the blindfold is removed, he discovers a dark, muffled and cramped space, probably an airlock. In front of him the dancer begins to move.

The participant is then led through the three floors of the hall where he meets the other two artists, first the second dancer, then the musician.

This performance exploits the auditory, visual and kinesthetic facets of the contemporary architecture of the Grand Théâtre's hall, to lovingly accompany the participant outside his comfort zone and to confront him in a musical and choreographic way with the unexpected, the unpredictable and himself.

From the immense sound and reverberance of the hall to the muffled and silent exiguity of an airlock; from the reassuring flatness of the tiled floor to the disturbing verticality of the stairs; from a attentive and delicate accompaniment to the encounter of complete strangers, the participant must compose in real time with a wide range of sensory and emotional information. His reactions and behaviour can influence the progress of the performance.

When the wandering ends, while he thought he was alone in this experience, he notices the presence of other participants on the different floors of the building. What he has experienced, others are also experiencing it in a unity of place and time.

One by one, but together.

- Artistic concept: Nicolas Bazoge, Katell Hartereau and Léonard Rainis

- Soundtrack and live music : NK

- Choreographers/dancers : Léonard Rainis and Katell Hartereau

Presentations :


- April 2011 - Festival Danse Côté Jardin - Grand Théâtre, Lorient, France

The principle of continuous rotation set up for the performance allowed a total of about 60 spectators (2 hours per day over two days).

Who I am (from the dance piece "Un par un" - Nola's key
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