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Multi-instrumental live-sampling

Participatory verbal experimentation

Multi-instrumental live-sampling

Participatory verbal experimentation

While image has taken a predominant place in our society, there are few opportunities to become aware in a shared environment of what is nevertheless one of the fundamental vectors of our communications: the voice.

What is that voice? What does it say about us? What do its sounds and intonations tell us?

e-Vox offers an experimentation space where the spectator has the possibility, if he/she wishes, to take part in the musical creation process through a verbal participatory approach.

In this performance, spectators are invited to sample words of their choice that will be used later in the song.

After a real-time recording phase, all the words that each spectator has chosen to express will form the basis of the music.

When the musical landscape and electronic destructurations are added, perhaps an unsuspected poetry will emerge from this combinatory chaos that isolated words could never have suggested.

- Conception, performance: Nicolas Bazoge

- Lighting: Thibault d'Aubert


- 04/07/2015 - 4th edition of Micro Théâtro - Ateliers du Bout du Monde, Lorient (France).

e-Vox during the Micro Theatro on July 4, 2015 at the Ateliers du Bout du Monde in Lorient (France)

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