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Spectral _ink
An abstraction of the dephts

(Creation : end of 2024)

Sound and light Performance/installation

A visual and sound universe shaped by waves


Whereas in Vis Insita Nicolas Bazoge explored our ambivalent relationship with the contemporary technological world through the symbolism of fire, in this new project he invites us into his introspective and mysterious universe with another element, liquid this time: the ocean.


For Spectral _ink, the ocean Nicolas sets out to explore is the fantastical one he recalls from his childhood, when he spent summer vacations in Brittany with his sisters, the one whose unknown and as yet unexplored depths leave room for all manner of daydreams. An oceanic abstraction.


He imagines links between the expanse of the ocean trenches and the arcana of the human brain. He perceives waves on the water's surface as sound waves, and ocean currents as electromagnetic flows propagating through our neurons. The inhabitants of the deep transform themselves into strange luminous spectres in his mind.


With the help of a light scenography interacting with the music, the spectator is invited to plunge progressively into this immersive sensory experience that puts his imagination to the test. The combination of visual motifs and spatialized sounds that emerge from the darkness may resonate with them like unfathomable memories or submerged perspectives.

Creation schedule


Past residencies :
• L’ESTRAN – Guidel (Fr.) oct. 2022 (eight-day research residency).
• Le Tambour – Rennes (Fr.) from October 02 to 07, 2023, during the Maintenant festival, with presentation of the project at the festival's professional networking day on Thursday, October 5.

Next sessions :
• La Balise – Lorient
(Fr.) - Fabrique Artistique et Culturelle de Kervenanec in Lorient from 15 to 21

January 2024.
• L’ESTRAN – Guidel (Fr.) from 21 February to 1st of March 2024.

Creation : end of 2024.


• L’ESTRAN - Scène pour les Illusions et les Numériques de Guidel (56).
• Le Tambour - Service Culturel de l’Université Rennes 2.
• Service Culturel de la Ville de Lorient (56).
• L’Ensemble Nautilis de Brest.

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