Unconceivable Life Forms Galery

Collection of images from the animated and sonified sequences Unconceivable Life Forms.

Frk Tales

Sometimes, in the reality of the world, unseen and mysterious connections occur and begin to resonate with our inner selves, stories that did not exist and yet we tell them to ourselves.
Frk Tales is a collection of images created from reworked personal photographs in which I have integrated algorithmically generated fractal images. These compositions attempt to reflect those mental projections, those transcendences beyond the real, that one can experience in a furtive way when one crosses a person or when one walks in an abandoned place, natural, or charged with history.

Attraction Sparks

The Attraction Sparks series was born from the desire to retranscribe the dizziness felt during a stroll in a funfair, this strange place both entertaining and unhealthy, teeming with movements, cries, where heterogeneous bodies intermingle with machines.


Nola's key


Visuals made for some singles or used to illustrate some tracks on the original animated website of Nola's key (now disappeared).