"Understand / Fear of loneliness. Learning / The fear of dying alone."

Vivre son histoire is a mash-up created by Nicolas Bazoge in 2006. It was used by the rock group Placebo for the opening sequence of their concerts on the Meds tour.

The track is composed of synchronized instrumental samples from the band's first four albums as well as some EPs. The vocal samples of singer Brian Molko were extracted from an interview given in 2003 on France Inter radio, and some original bass and drum parts were added.

The song was first noticed by radio host Francis Zégut who broadcast it on his show Pop Rock Station on RTL2, then reached the ears of Placebo who chose to use it for the opening sequence of their concerts on the Meds tour (videos below).

At that time Facebook was just starting to take its first steps, and Nicolas had no awareness of the buzz that the remix was creating among fans.

It was only much later, when he saw the number of views of an unofficial video of his remix on Youtube that he understood.

After several months of twists and turns, he finally met the backstage trio at the Terra-Neuvas festival in Bobital (France) in 2007, marking the end of this story that will remain among the most beautiful and innocent creative moments of NK's debut, and Placebo, one of the most significant musical revelations of his adolescence.


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Placebo - Live at Wembley  (December 2006) - Intro by Nola's key
Placebo - Live at Rotterdam (December 2006) - Intro by Nola's key
With Brian Molko.jpg
With Brian Molko - Festival Terra Neuvas - July 7, 2007 - Bobital (France)