On this page you will find most of the musical and sound creations of Nola's key, whether they are studio compositions, or soundtracks for live performance.
Everything is freely downloadable (under the terms of the Creative Commons license).
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Top track

Vis Insita (Principe) - Nola's key

Extract from the visual, musical and kinetic performance Vis Insita (Principe) (2018).



An Einstein's thought as foundation. Emblematic track of Nola's key (2005).

Mash-up based on vocal and instrumental samples from Placebo. Broadcast on a french radio, then used by the group for the opening sequence of the Meds Tour concerts in 2006. [More infos]

Slow progressive and glitchy rise composed for the public entrance of the contemporary dance piece Every Little Movements (Compagnie Le Pôle - Lorient).

Punchy electro track built on voice samples from the characters of the Vincenzo Natali's cult movie Cube.


​Wondergen includes the nine most successful studio compositions by Nola's key between 2007 and 2013.

All the titles are available for listening in the window opposite and can be downloaded in FLAC or mp3-320 format.

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If you like, the album is also on Bandcamp.

"To a wondering generation,

To the wonders generated by the brain..."

Publication date: April 2013

Autres pistes

Autres pistes include unpublished titles, remixes and some soundtracks for the performing arts.

It is updated regularly with each new publication of a title.

You can download a particular title by hovering over its name in the player and clicking on the small icon on the right, or all the titles by clicking on the link above the cover.

Last update : Vis Insita  - 03/08/2019