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MIT Museum - Visual for the track ProgResseCorp



Live-sampling multi-instrumental

Locked within our invisible walls

Visuel du morceau ProgResseCorp du setlive "Insides" - Artwork et photo : Nicolas Bazoge - MIT Museum

Insides is the first NK live performance created at the Centre Dramatique National de Bretagne in Lorient in 2010.

For the first time, he presents his artistic and musical universe live to the public.

On the principle of live sampling, all instruments are sampled in real time using a unique system of interconnected pedals and pads developed several months earlier.

The sound diffusion is spatialized.

Spectators can move around the structure, change their point of view during the performance, and discover for the first time, in this cube with invisible walls, the inner universe of NK.

- Conception, interaction, lighting, performance: NK

Thanks to :

- Bruno Robin (set installation)

- Stéphane Bazoge (Light managment)

- Léonard Rainis and Jean-Philippe Le Bronze (Video recording)

- Olivier Pédron and Yann Harscoat (sound managment)

- Jean-Paul Bazoge (footswitch manufacturing)

- Virginie Ragon (help, advice, support)

Thanks and regards to Eric Vigner and all the team of the Centre Dramatique de Bretagne for their trust.

Decidin Side - Nola's key

Shot in August 2010 at Centre Dramatique National de Lorient

Le CALM System 2.JPG
Le CALM System.JPG
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