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Here you'll find a summary of my career and my lighting creations for companies and musicians over the last twenty years or so in the field of live performance.


Fascinated by the creative possibilities offered by contemporary technologies and by forms in which the link between sound and visuals is an important component, I collaborate with artists working in this field of research and also develop personal creations within my own Nola's key project.


Don't hesitate to contact me, I'd be delighted to share with you my artistic sensibility as well as an atypical range of professional skills acquired passionately over the years, through encounters and experiences.



Graduating from the Master Arts and Digital Technologies program at Rennes University (France) in 2019, Nicolas Bazoge trained at the Institut Supérieur des Techniques du Spectacle (ISTS) in Avignon in 2004, before joining the creative team at the Centre Dramatique National de Bretagne (CDDB) in Lorient, where he worked for 12 years as a lighting designer and stage manager. He has worked with directors such as Éric Vigner, Arthur Nauzyciel, Madeleine Louarn and Christophe Honoré, as well as touring theaters in France and abroad (Théâtre de Versailles, Odéon, Rond-Point, Théâtres Nationaux de Chaillot, Strasbourg and New-Delhi in India). He designs lighting for directors such as Marc Lainé, Chloé Dabert and Tommy Millot.


At the same time, in 2005, he developed his personal artistic project Nola's key which initially took the form of an animated website on which he broadcast musical compositions, remixes and graphic works.


In 2006, he created a stir among PLACEBO fans with the release of the mashup Vivre son histoire, composed from instrumental samples of the band and an interview in French with singer Brian Molko. Noticed and broadcast on RTL2 by host Francis Zégut, the track caught the ear of Placebo, who decided to use it for the opening sequence of their Meds tour concerts.


Nola's key gradually evolved into the creation of live performances in which he experimented with the artistic possibilities of real-time interaction between music, light and movement.

From 2007, he collaborated with various local theater and contemporary dance companies, for which he created the lighting and sometimes the music, most of which he performed live.


In September 2016, he left the CDDB to take up a Master's degree in Arts and Digital Technologies at Rennes University, during which he worked on questions of intermediality and hybridization in stage performance and the living arts (field of digital performance studies).

As part of this curriculum, in March 2018 he initiated the musical and visual performance Vis Insita implementing a novel motion capture device to control sound and light through movement. This project gives rise to a scientific publication for the NIME (New Interface for Musical Expression) international conference, which he presents on site in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in June 2019.


In spring 2019, he created the EGZOA association, based in Lorient (56), to pursue his research, support the Vis Insita performance, and generally enable the creation, promotion and dissemination of his projects.

In 2021, he joined forces with the L'Estran theater in Guidel (France) to set up WHAT (Workshops Hybridation Arts Technologies), a series of workshops designed to emulate the creative encounter between artists and technologists in western France.

In 2022, he became an associate artist of the HACNUM french network for hybrid arts and digital cultures, and initiated the Spectral _ink creative project.



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