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Artistic contributors

Thibault d'Aubert, lighting designer

He learns lighting techniques through festivals (Vieilles Charrues, Bout du Monde, Percussions du Monde). He became technical manager of the Théâtre de Poche Graslin (Nantes, France), touring its productions. In 2007 he joined the lighting department of the Grand Théâtre de Lorient. He collaborates with the Nantes-based group Stabar for six years, which means more than fifty dates in France and Europe. Between 2014 and 2017, he accompanied NK by creating the luminous universe of ../MUTE.
Since 2017, he has been Chief Electrician at the Théâtre National de Strasbourg (France).


Vivien Simon, scenographer/video maker

Trained at the École Supérieur d'Art de Lorient (France). He works mainly with the companies of the Théâtre du Kronope and Le Poisson Volant. He is assistant scenographer for Eric Vigner's sets and video director since 2012 at the Centre Dramatique National de Lorient.
He is working on the scenography of Dance with dinosaurs by the contemporary dance company le pôle.
He joined the project in 2015 to work on scenography, graphics and live video.
Since 2015, he has also been a creator/director/video editor at the Théâtre de Lorient.

Marin Esnault, Multimedia Artist/Creative Coder

Holder of a master's degree in Digital Creation from the University of Rennes 2, he collaborates with several associations and collectives in Rennes.
He is a video artist for the Jazz à l'Ouest festival at the MJC Bréquigny in 2015 and 2016. He has been working since 2015 with the collective La Sophiste in which he is a sound designer for the installation Train de Vie.
In 2016, he participated in the Immemoria collective project, an immersive installation combining virtual reality, spatialized sound and interactive scenography, presented at the Recto VRso 2018 festival organized by Laval Virtual.
In 2018, he led a team of students in the creation of an interactive fresco in augmented reality for the Centre d'Art les 3CHA during a residency in the chapel of Château de Châteaugiron.

Sophie Hoarau, Costumier

Entering the theater by her first job as costume designer, trained at ENSATT (Rue Blanche), she alternates between permanent or flying workshops on theater productions (Alfredo Arias, Denis Lorca, Jérôme Savary, Jean-Pierre Vincent, Robert Wilson), cinema (Diane Kurys, Régis Wargnier, Nina Companeez, Férid Boughedir), Couture fashion shows (Dior, Chanel, Lacroix, Givenchy) and company creations (L'Eygurande, Daru, Théâtre Vollard...). Living in France, Brittany since 2002, she has worked there with Éric Vigner and Marc Lainé at the CDDB in Lorient, the 13-10ème en Ct companies in Rennes, a k entrepôt or Fiat Lux in Saint-Brieuc, Le Théâtre du Laid Cru, La Pie Piétonne, l'Atelier des Possibles... Co-founder of the company La Quincaille in Finistère, she gradually enters the stage, through collective and then personal stage projects, conceived more and more with poetry as raw material (La mygale et la fourmi, La cité des 4000 souliers, Projet Paul). She is now pursuing her path as a performer with the refined monologue Stabat Mater Furiosa and the series of public readings Dès Lors.

Katell Hartereau, Choreographic Artist

Trained at the Folkwanghochschule (artistic direction Pina Bausch), she leads a career as an interpreter in Sweden and Germany (NorrDans company: Rui Horta, Tedd Stoffer, Stefen Petronio, Uri Ivgi, Jeanne Yasko, Roberto Zappala). Very quickly, she realizes that her commitment to dance goes beyond pure interpretation. It is in Germany that she will conduct her first experiences as a project leader and coach. Today, she puts her creativity and skills at the service of the cluster by collaborating artistically and creating a synergy around the choreographer Léonard Rainis.

Léonard Rainis, Choreographer

Trained at the National Dance School of the Paris Opera, and after having worked at the Ballets de Monte-Carlo and then at the Opéra National du Rhin (W. Forsythe, Lucinda Child, G. Balanchines, Bertrand D'At, J. C. Maillot, Jo Stromgren, J. Neumeier, José Limon, Uwe Scholz, Davide Bombant, Hans Van Manen, M.Béjart...) he became an independent artist and worked in Europe with contemporary choreographers: Marco Santi, Rui Horta, Hans Neuenfels, Felix Ruckert, Mikael D'Auzon, Vidal Bini, Toufik OI, Davy Brun, Suzanne Frey, Gabirella Riccio, Laura Frigato, Morgan Bellanger. This freelance creative work leads her towards a desire to live other experiences and encourages her to create her own choreographic language. In 2009, he created Le pôle in Lorient with Katell Hartereau, a project around dance, body and movement, and contemporary art in a more general way.

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