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Happy Birthday Placebo

Placebo starts this year a new European tour to celebrate their 20 years of career.

Anniversaries are what they are, but it also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the Vivre son histoire mashup released in 2006 and used without warning by Placebo for the intro of their concerts on the Meds tour.

At that time Facebook was just starting to take its first steps, and I had no idea of the buzz the remix was creating! In fact, the word buzz itself didn't really exist.

It was only much later - and even much too late - when I saw the number of views of an unofficial video of my remix on Youtube that I understood.

It's all about timing in music (and a bit about the attribution of works to their authors too...).

No bitterness though, I lived this story, as it should be, as it should be. It will remain a magnificent Warholian quarter of an hour of Nola's key.

Happy birthday Placebo.

Brian Molko et Nola's key - Bobital 2007

Brian Molko and Nicolas - Festival Terra Neuvas 2007 - Bobital

Placebo - Live at Wembley (December 2006) - Intro by Nola's key...

Placebo - Live at Rotterdam (Decembre 2006) - Intro by Nola's key...


To discover the whole story of the remix, its broadcast on RT2 in the Pop Rock Station by Zégut show, its use by Placebo for the intro of their concerts on the Meds tour and my meeting with Brian Molko, please click here.


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