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  • Nicolas B.


"The creation of artificial intelligence would be the greatest event in human history. But it could also be the last." Stephen Hawking

iHuman is a documentary by Norwegian director Tonje Hessen Schei released in November 2019 and broadcast in France on Arte in April 2020.

In a prospective approach and through the analyses of various protagonists specialists in the issue, the film offers an incredible 100min dive into the issues and problems raised by the development of what is now customary to call artificial intelligence.

Beyond the diversity and the obvious quality of the cast of interviewees (scientists, programmers, sociologists, investigative journalists, human rights lawyers, etc.) and of their reflections, the strength of this documentary lies for me also in its perfect realization. The beauty of the shots, the animations and the visual illustrations cleverly spread out and the bewitching soundtrack make this film go from being a simple interesting documentary to a real aesthetic, questioning and reflective work of art. Rarely has the opportunity been offered to us until now to feel with so much intensity this passage from a world which is dying out to another one which is coming.

For all those who hear about AI without really knowing what it represents and implies for the future of humanity, IHuman is a striking and exciting immersion in the arcane of this theme.

The documentary is unfortunately no longer available on Arte and does not seem to be easily accessible on the internet. To console you (or to frustrate you further for having missed it), you can at least view the trailer on Vimeo:

And an excerpt found here (in English):


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