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  • Nicolas B.

In train

Hello. A little morning post, in a rambling mood, just like that, for nothing. Because it's a bit too early to be (oper)rational, because I'm in the train somewhere between Strasbourg and Lorient, and I like trains, because thoughts go by like landscapes in the paradoxical way of a motionless movement, like a condensed overview of the world, a synthetic state of affairs of the activity of men on their environment. Because finally my neighbor on the way, so early in the morning, is already playing Candy Crush on her tablet, and I say to myself - not without a slight touch of condescension I admit - that it must be a bit like with carbon, that we must compensate.

I tend not to write too much, to say the least, and to distill posts down to the essentials, the informative, reserving my thoughts for the creative, the compositions, the music, etc., everything that has made Nola's key since the beginning. I always thought that what I had to say was through creation in the broadest sense (I prefer this term to "art", whose meaning and concept I still don't understand very well) and this without using words. I don't reveal myself much, if only through what I create. I know that this often arouses in others, in those who do not know me, a form of mystery, ambiguity, incomprehension. This is not completely voluntary and conscious. The reason is just that, like my friend Plato, I know perfectly well that I know nothing. I don't have an answer, I still don't really know what Nola's key is, what I expect from it and if I expect anything from it. I just know that I have to do it.

Do it.

After twenty years in the world of live performance, in sound, in music, in light, in interaction design, in analog, in digital, as a technician, a stage manager, an assistant, a designer, a researcher, a project manager, a production manager, a broadcasting manager, a communication manager, a musician, a performer, and other hats that I forget or that I'm not even aware of, I'm starting to see some things. I have the impression now that I want to communicate more directly, to share my recipes, to show my cooking. A lot of people do that, it's anchored, it's in the air, it's part of the process. For me, it's not at all natural, it's not self-evident, but I understand the exercise. Beyond the pure marketing and communication aspect, there is also a form of exchange, sharing and transmission. Maybe in the future I will try to break away from it. I don't know if I'll like it, we'll see. But there are in any case certain things that I would like to start sharing in a different way. Things that are more concrete, more direct, more technical, more trivial. I'm thinking for example of the software tools that we developed during several months for Vis Insita which are actually quite crazy and which could be useful to others, I'm sure. I would like to share that, the result, but also how we got there.

Maybe more honest things at the end. I don't know how to put it.

Maybe Plato was right, maybe art in the end deceives and flatters the senses and takes away from the true reality.

1h30 of journey have just passed. The coffee is working (you will notice the assonance). I come out of my cottony torpor. I'll stop here for this time. I promise I'll come back.


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