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µZYX is an application developed in Max 8 that allows you to collect kinetic data (speed, acceleration, rotation, etc.) from an object tracked by a motion capture system, to process and calibrate them according to the dimensions of the stage space and artistic constraints, then to route them in OSC or MIDI to control any type of third-party software that manages these protocols (Smode, Ableton, Resolume, MadMapper, Millumin, etc).

It then becomes possible to creatively control sound, light, video (or other) with the movements of objects manipulated by the artists rather than with the usual market interfaces.

This application was developed during several months with the help of the Immersia platform of the University of Rennes 1 - in particular Ronan Gaugne, Platform Manager and Florian Nouvial, computer engineer, and five students of the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) of Rennes. Thanks to Walid Breidi and Marin Esnault who also made a great contribution.

The application is not directly downloadable on this site because I think it is not documented enough for that.

However, if you are interested in testing it in your project, feel free to contact me via the links available at the top right of this page to discuss it!

To see a small preview of the application in action, you can watch the trailer of the Vis Insita perfromance for which it was mainly developed.

Patch µZYX

Main window of the µZYX patch

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