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Nicolas Bazoge is a lighting and sound designer for the living arts.
At the same time, he develops his own artistic projects in the field of interactive musical performance.

His current artistic research focuses mainly on hybridization issues in technologically mediated stage performance contexts. His work focuses on creating immersive, interactive and semi-improvised sound experiences, as well as promoting personal creative expression through works created for venues ranging from concert halls to unconventional environments (heritage buildings, for example).

For this purpose, he develops his own interpretation systems, based in particular on motion capture technologies. His sound sources usually include self-sampled objects and musical instruments that he then digitally processes.

Graduated in 2004 from the Institut Supérieur des Techniques du Spectacle (ISTS) in Avignon, Nicolas Bazoge joined the following year the team of the Centre Dramatique National de Bretagne in Lorient (France) where he worked for a dozen years with renowned play directors as a Lighting Manager and Lighting Designer in France and abroad.


In parallel to this job, he nourishes his attraction for music through various sound and performance collaborations with theatre and contemporary dance companies, as well as through his own musical project Nola's key.


In order to deepen his reflection on the challenges of digital technologies in the living arts, he resumed in September 2016 a university course in Master Arts and Digital Technologies at the University of Rennes 2.


During this research, he works on the notion of intermedia (Dick Higgins), hybridation, and on the relationship between space, sound, movement and light.
At the end of this course, he proposes in March 2018 an unique musical performance using a professional motion capture system to control sound and light through movement.

His musical influences range from the sound and performance experiments of the 60s and 70s (E.A.T., Laurie Anderson) to current electronic music (Moderat, Trentemöller, Max Cooper), but also from Cold Wave (Joy Division) to indie music of the 90s (Archive, Massive Attack, Placebo, Radiohead).

These are not related to specific musical genres, but rather to the mental and introspective nature of the listening they generate.

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